We believe in excellence of quality of products and in serving your business requirements. Our research and development team is constantly developing innovative solutions to meet the various issues faced by our hospitality partners.

Consult with our experts in various domains of the hospitality field who will guide you to select the best for your outlet and purchase ONLY what you need. We believe in helping you make the desired fair choice in the quantity required and not in exaggerated spending.

Kitchen Planning & Designing Consultancy Services

At Grand Empire we customise our approach to meet each client’s unique demand. We undertake turnkey projects of commercial kitchen, canteen setups and any kind
of Bar Setups domestic or professional. Our experts study and research individual needs, design custom layouts and execute to match your brand needs.

We love to serve new projects with end-to-end customised solutions. Existing setups can be modified as per the requirement to ensure any challenges in expansions and renovations are met with utmost care and professionalism. Our design team of highly qualified professionals turn your vision to reality after a thorough understanding of the site and your vision.

Want to Get the Best?

We got you covered with our comprehensive 7 Step Process:

Demo Platforms

Grand Empire provides extended support to their premium category of vendors by providing support in physically providing demo space to promote their products professionally with proven strategies. By giving accesses to the huge network of clients and also by creating physical and virtual events that will help you to amplify your reaches multi fold, we are associated with the professional photographers, videographers and event management team.

Consultancy Services

Our dealers, distributers, hoteliers and vendors are given the essential tools to build a more profitable and sustainable business through our professional consultancy services. This enables them to create and live a life they dream of.

These tools and consultancy services are focused on

We not only EQUIP you with the right tools, but TRAIN you and your teams to effectively use and maximise their benefits to boost profits.

Management Handholding

This premium service is exclusively for retail store, hotel supply store and super market.
Benefit from the best minds in management support by implementing modern Win-Win-Win strategies to manage your business in return of the profit sharing.

Both of these premium services are designed by our consultant Mr Prashant Kumar

On a mission to boost revenue for 1,00,000 business owners of the hospitality & retail industries