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Professional Empire

About The Brand!

                Build your professional culinary Empire by creating and serving memorable gastronomical experiences with our EXCLUSIVE and designer range of commercial and domestic cookware for professionals, passionate home chefs, and housewives who cook daily.

Every signature piece designed by international designers is for the connoisseurs of fine lifestyle, who actively work towards a healthy life, one that involves not only eating right but cooking in safe cookware. Serve in our top-of-the-line classy cooking for the ultimate gourmet experience. Food not only looks good but feels and tastes good too. 
Our signature in-house brand offers 3000 products that optimize the cooking experience for professionals, housewives, and passionate home chefs focused on the satisfaction and safety of your guests, and family. You can select items for the commercial and domestic kitchen including, baking equipment, cutlery, a variety of serving essentials, tableware, cookware, table tops, décor, and different households.
Apart from adorning your kitchen, our wide range also caters to the food & beverage outlets that look for creating memorable gastronomical experiences by serving and presenting their creations in fine dining, coffee shops, cafeterias, specialized cuisine, multi-cuisine cafeterias, and various dining areas. Also, we specialize in large scale requirements for buffet and banquet areas, catering services, and the housekeeping departments.

Professional Empire​