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About The Brand!


launched in 2017, offers complete bartending solutions for liquid chefs, flair artists, and those with a talent for serving beverages. It provides a one-stop-professional set up for professionals in the industry to host and serve their guests. It also has a SELECT range for private events and households. 

Apart from meeting the basic requirements for the industry, we stock the latest, top-of-the-line products and brands based on the latest technologies. We believe in serving excellence so that as liquid chefs, they enhance the experiences of their guests. 
It’s not merely about having a drink but experiencing the creative artistry of the liquid chef who crafts each concoction. It’s felt through every detail of the creative process, from mixing the concoctions to the tools he uses. 
Talent is essential, but it’s the tools that give it life. We provide state-of-the-art setups that every bartender needs to create the perfect presentation and awe their guests.



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