About The Brand!

                  History of Bagattiano. During the 1970s the hospitality industry faced one of its biggest challenges. Guest expectations with regards to comfort and luxury was on the rise, but there was no corresponding improvement or innovation in the industry specifically in the arena of flatware.

Chefs experimented with taste, flavors, and textures to meet the growing demands of varying palates. But this was not enough as presentation and comfort fell short due to unavailability of the right type of cutlery. What was available also either did not have a good grip, or was too heavy, or too light, and did nothing to augment a fine dining experience. On the other hand, cutlery made of precious metals, while meeting guest criteria, came at a huge cost for hoteliers. Manufacturers struggled to find a via media between the increasing expectations of guests and requirements of hoteliers in terms of design, low maintenance costs and hygiene. The few brands that were operating in the field were unable to meet all the criteria. This had an adverse effect on the satisfaction index that hoteliers were aiming for.

It was Bagattiano, which had been around since 1968, that stepped up to fill in this niche. A dedicated team comprising well known designers, chefs and heads of F&B conducted a survey targeting hoteliers, preferred guests, and gastronomic enthusiasts. After much research that focused on using food safe materials and aversion to the use any kind of coating or plating on their cutlery, the team launched two models – Baguette and Classico – made of pure stainless steel. Both these products received very positive feedback. The products were scratch resistant and cleaning them was easy. The edges, slots, points, roots and prongs, the head, the finger platform and the handle were all made with high end precision and minute detailing. A new generation of high-end cutlery was born! 

As time passed, many models were developed; each with its individuality, simplicity and sophistication. Bagattiano invests a lot in research and development. Therefore, their products keep pace with the changing needs and aesthetics. They have truly revolutionized
a daily ritual and turned it into ‘an art, a gift, an emotion to be discovered every day.’